What Are Customers Have To Say

 This is a pretty simple review to write . Great food! Great Portions ! Great Price! Great Service!

What else do I need to say ? I met my friend up there for lunch and I ordered the 8oz tenderloin steak sandwich . I'm pretty sure you could call this the one of the best if not THE best sandwich in town . It was HUGE two giant pieces of well seasoned and generous portions of perfectly cooked steak tenderloin sat on top of a soft fresh tasting roll . The roll was soft enough to not get in the way of what the real star was , the meat but firm enough to absorb the succulent juices that run of the steak without falling apart into a mushy mess . Sandwich came with provolone cheese and bacon which adds a nice smokiness and crunch to the sandwich as well as mayo , lettuce , and tomato .  

This place has been a legend in South Tampa for a long time and one experience in the hail will tell you why . When you notice the menu it is small and a meat lovers dream place for a great sandwich . They focus on doing a few things well instead of a bunch of things mediocre .

I will always come back due to the friendly service and great food that Robert's provides upon every visit . 


 I don't usually write reviews but I had to let the Yelp world know how fantastic it was! The staff was friendly, incredibly helpful and super quick. I was offered samples of so many delicious house made items. But once I tasted the smoked beef tenderloin I was sold! I can honestly say it was the best sandwich I have ever had in Tampa! I can't wait to go back to try the ribs! 

Kellie L

 Amazing food!!! From catering to take out to dine in the meat has always been delicious! The 8oz filet mignon sandwich is amazing for dine in and the twice baked potato is fantastic! I've had bbq from Texas to Tennessee and Robert's has some of the best out of all of them! 

Will S.